Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lining check tomorrow

Completely forgot to mention my lining check. 7:30 AM CST. Pray for a lining of 8 or more, please!? Then I'm going to kill a few hours up in Woodbury (doing what I don't know yet) and then 10:00 Reiki. Will post results when I get home. Mooshie had her first blood draw this AM since her stim meds. Still waiting on the results.
And the best part, I'm feeling crampy /twingy in my uterine area, just like when I did the estrogen during the mock cycle, so yay, in the words of my friend Veebs: I hope my ute is getting nice and "fluffy". LOL

*off to shower, because all the walks in the heat causes me to get stinky! Phew!*

1 comment:

Michele said...

Hey! Cramping galore! Warm, heavy cramping. Think these stims are WORKING!!!!

Never thought I'd be so happy about cramps, bloat, hot flashes and tinglies....LOL


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