Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One, Two, Three? Oye.

Holy COW? Will be be having one baby? Two babies? Three babies?
I had a Reiki session yesterday, and Susan was so happy to hear the BFP news. We went back to her massage room, I laid down, and she starts the calming music. She starts each session with her hands on my forehead, and within one minute, she puts her head on my forehead, giggles, and says "Holy, cow, Carrie, I hear BABIES, not just BABY!"


Now, I never said anything, but she giggled during my Reiki session the day after my bedrest after my ET. I asked my friend (coworker who understands Reiki and has had Susan as a teacher) why she might've giggled, and she said because Susan probably KNEW I would be getting PG.

So after Susan says she "hears" babies, she jumps up and says, "do you believe in the pendulum? Have you ever done that before?"

Now I'm honestly not one to really "get into" the pendulum thing, but she went to retrieve it, and did it over my tummy --and let me tell you, this woman is always calm and cool; she was GIDDY!
She hung the Pendulum over my belly and said to show yes and show no (it swung in different directions ON ITS OWN, I watched her hands, and nothing).

She says, "will Carrie have a boy?" -- NO
"Will Carrie have more than one baby?" YES

"Will Carrie have triplets?" YES
"Will they be girls?" YES

Then she asked "are you always accurate" and it said NO! THANK GOODNESS

she really truly does seem to have a sense about your spirits and I believe her when she says she can "hear" or "feel" more than one baby, but holy SHIT, what if she is right?

then....I was relaxed, as she did the rest of my body. Just relaxing, etc.
Then she puts her hands on my uterus.
Holy CRAP.

I could literally FEEL the pulse -- like a heartbeat rhythm "boom boom boom"....and she said "wow, you are really zapping me today!" -- HOLY CRAP

I've NEVER EVER EVER felt that before during Reiki in my life. Never. She took her hands off. It stopped. Puts her hand back on. I could feel it again - BOOM BOOM BOOM.

So Aug. 14 we shall see.

Chris is already going through beers like there is no tomorrow. He does that when he's stressed. LOL

Watch, I'll be PG with only one and Chris will sigh a big sigh of relief. Or not. LOL


Laura said...

Yikes... I don't know if I could handle THREE! :)

Piccinigirl said...

WOW, that is awesome !!! I am so happy for you Carrie, I guess the 14th will tell !!

The Town Criers said...

I'm so excited for you! I hope it's two (or three). Twins are great.


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