Monday, July 17, 2006

The roots we plant

Maddie has been calling me "auntie" in her little voice for 2 days now. While I was napping today, she was crawling up the stairs and came into my room, saying "aun-tie, aun-tie". *sigh* *swoon*. I love her and Moosh so much, I don't know how I'm going to say goodbye to them in 2 days. And how do you say goodbye to the girl who is pretty much your soul sister, who has given up so much just to give us the precious gift of possible LIFE?

Before I left for my ET on Saturday, we had a hug, and *(sounds sick, but still)* rubbed our bellies together. I told Maddie I was off to get her a half sibling -- because when you think about it, if CJ and I do have a child from her eggs, they will be half siblings. Of course, my friend pointed out that it will be my blood nourishing and running through that child(ren) inside me, so really they will be "third siblings'. Ahh, the tangled bloodlines we weave. Some people may be put off by it all, but personally, I think that would make our kids even all the more special, because they are being made with so much love and affection. We are planning on being completely up front about all this process when our kids get older, if we get to do that. Moosh mentioned special family trips together in the long -distance future, and just to think about trips like that, our families sharing time together, again brings me to tears. I visualize us all sharing time in a resort somewhere or watching fireworks over the Magic Kingdom and it makes my heart just beat faster with the excitement and the joy of that possibility.

The Campbells (CJ's parents and brother/SIL) sent us a beautiful house plant today. I've gotten more cards and plants, and prayers and love. It's overwhelming *tearing up again*. I do feel so blessed to be so cared about. Thank you to you all that have given us a few minutes of your time to pray for us.


Laura said...

It was so cool to read about your ET and how you are doing. Lots of love and prayers to you!!

Emilie said...

I agree with Laura. Your journey has been SO amazing to read about! Hugs and lots of luck to you, Carrie and Chris!

AussieElle said...

I'm loving reading this. Moosh is such a beautiful person and you are going to be a beautiful mother.

Thinking of you!!


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