Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Check: another one down, and a future "family" pic?

Check another "to do" off our list. I started my Estrodiol this AM, I take it twice a day now. I also started my Amoxicillian three times a day and CJ started his own antibiotic twice a day. We will take these until the ET (Embryo Transfer), and I'm praying I don't get a rager of a yeast infection from the thrice daily dose of killer bacteria. I've been TRYING to eat a yeast free, sugar free diet in hopes to keep a possible infection at bay, but I've also been known to cheat quite a bit lately *blush*

In other news, 10 day countdown til Mooshie and her daughter, Maddie, are here. I looked at the calendar today and I swear, my heart skipped a beat with excitement! OYE! the joy!

Here's a few pics of me and Mooshie from our April visit (when she, her DH , and Maddie came to visit and we got the final thumbs-up from our doctor)

And here is a picture of Mooshie's Maddie, with Auntie & Uncle Soups. We are hoping and praying to have a little one *or two* sometime next year, so a friend of mine added in a little "Bongo" to our "pretend" family pic, since Maddie already can represent our "Coco". LOL

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Jennifer Prince said...

I swear, no matter how many times I see pictures; I am amazed at how much you and moosh look alike :)


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