Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thumbs up on Mooshie's follies

9 days from today and Mooshie will be here, ready for depositing her eggs (LOL).

She had her baseline checkup -ultrasound and blood work today, and this is what she posted on our message board:

I'm right on track!!!!!

I had 11 vials of blood drawn--all the ones for my hormone levels were spot on.
They still have more vials that they're waiting on as well as some of my urine,
but those were all just repeats of the infectious lab tests I've had before so
we know those are just fine. They had to do it all over because the FDA
requires that it's done within 30 days of the egg retrieval.

As for the trans-vag ultrasound-my uterine lining was 2.6, which the Dr. said is
thin and "perfect". No cysts anywhere. I have a tilted uterus (no
big whoop--got an almost 9 lb kid in and out of there before, right?) He
could not find my right ovary for several minutes--OK, that got my heart
pounding a little--but then he pushed on my tummy and found it. The
ovary measurements on both sides were great and he found 11 pre-follicles,
I guess you would call them. Basically it's where the follies are most apt
to grow. And that's without the stims (injections that hyper-stimulate
your ovaries). That number should increase when I start the stim
11 is really like the baseline number from what I understand.
(hence the name "baseline ultrasound", I presume? DUH )

(this would be what is called her "pre-antral count")

And best of all....the Dr. (while his face was in my crotch--HELLO) said "I LOVE your shoes! They look kinda dressy, kinda athletic and really comfortable!" LMAO. I
loved him. He had one of those awesome smiles and was the kind of guy you
just want to hug for some unknown reason. OK, so that's not the "best of
all" news, I was being silly. But pretty funny, dontcha think?

So provided I haven't somehow been struck by lightning from the Hepatitis or STD Gods, we are GOOD TO GO!!!! The ER is still set for the 13th!!!


5/26-6/24 Birth Control Pill
6/20-7/2 Lupron injections
1/day 10 units until the ER
6/28-7/13 Baby Aspirin 1/day
7/2--Lupron 5 units, Menopur (2) and Follistim (75) injections daily plus baby
7/5 -- blood test
7/6 -- Stop Menopur injections, Follistim injection (225)
7/7 -- blood test and ultrasound, drugs to be determined based on results
7/7 -- red eye flight to MN with Maddie, too!
7/11 -- Trigger shot
7/13 -- ER!!



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