Thursday, January 09, 2014

Let's Go to the Hop!

This was a blog post I had over in the drafts that I completely forgot to publish a few months ago!
In November, K1 had a "Sock Hop" at her school for the First Grade classes.
How FUN!
My girl loves any event where she can party and dress for the occasion!
We put on a cute skirt (the closest I could find for a "poodle" skirt) and a pink collared shirt. Next up, bobby socks, and a neck scarf!
Here she is with some of her pals from Kid Zone before school.
Riding in her car.........
And a random shot of the class...............I'm sure you can pick her out.  I have others from other parents, as I couldn't make it, but they sure had fun dancing, hand jiving, hula hooping and playing games. What a fun memory!

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