Sunday, January 19, 2014

Belated....Gobble Gobble 2013

A VERY belated sharing of our Thanksgiving in Duluth pictures!
As usual, it was a fast and furious day of eating, hanging out, and us letting the girls and Wyatt know to settle down! LOL
Keifer posing in her "pretend" glasses

 Trying for a picture for our girls' Christmas cards for their teachers
Kyla tacking Wyatt!! LOL
 Papa & Nana with their grandkids (and one of the grand dogs!)
 Family- CJ was napping! LOL 
 My cousin Becky with her Aubrie, and my girls - yes, I have Kyla hiding under her turkey hat next to me
 My cousin's wife, Tonya, jumped in! :)
My girls with my brother, Stephie, and Wy-guy
 Turkey girl!
 Mama & her girls
 Turkey hat Models

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