Friday, December 27, 2013

Time to Detox? Let's get you started on the Path to a Healthier YOU!

Detox, EVERYWHERE! I know it's a hard decision on how to change your health, and stick to it. Did you know that about 92% of people fail on their New Year's Resolutions? Well, I have an online group that wants to HELP YOU stick to that resolution. After Jan. 4, I will have video clips to SHARE with you of REAL PEOPLE who have used our 180 program and had real success. REAL people, not "beach body" type people who start with the "before" picture (where they stick their stomach out) and then "after picture" where they are sucking in their stomach and have lost an ungodly amount of weight in just a short time. THAT is not "real life". Chances are, diets or detoxes like that are unhealthy and you will yo-yo and gain all that weight back and then some.
Our program is designed to change your habits, change your mindset and take about 90 days to start losing INCHES, but not muscle.  It's called 180 because a typical program that is successful should take about 90 days to lose the weight and then 90 days to MAINTAIN that weight loss (in the REAL WORLD of eating!!!)

A typical day on the 180 Jumpstart & Flat Belly Detox 15-Day Challenge!

 I invite you to join me on this group challenge for 15-days (or longer if you wish to) with daily checklist for accountability. You will have SUPPORT, personalized if you wish, recipe suggestions (with pictures and feedback), and exercise tips and suggestions. 
Official start date is January 7th, but... some people are already starting,  so you can join in at any time, as soon as you order your products.
Here's the link for our private FB group. see Files section for detox program details: 180 JumpStart & Flat Belly Detox 15-Day Challenge

**click on the picture to enlarge it**
You will also need the following products to help your detox:
Raw Veggies
Organic lemons for your water
*Indicates a Shaklee product.  This detox is specifically for Shaklee products
 And check out this amazing deal: 
 Yep, I will personally (out of my own pocket) send you a free min-blender.  MY own money, not anyone else, or the companies!
And....once you start the 180 program, you are eligible to win weekly prizes when you enter your info into the 180 app. on a daily basis. FRIENDS OF MINE have won some AMAZING things, plus a few of them were finalists in the competition and were flown to San Francisco and treated like royalty! Can't wait to share the video of that! (soon! It has to be after Jan. 4)
Yep! True!!!!  And........there are MORE AMAZING THINGS to share come January 4, with our new deals that will be happening! SO EXCITED!!!
Let me help you start the path to a better and healthier life!!

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