Friday, December 27, 2013

How to help your SKIN not itch!

SO much to share but in the meantime....check out these pictures!!!!

  Check this out- this child (on top) had unexplained welts/rash on his face, and after suggestions, tried the products listed on the picture, an
d look how great he looks! This is exactly why I love that my girls' are on these products! Safe and they work (healing from the gut on out!)

These products also help with reflux/colic, you an BATHE your child in the same cleaner (Basic H) that you clean your home with (I do!), as well as your pets, and they alfalfa also helps adults with arthritis (ME, ME!), bloatedness, and hay fever !
SO Many benefits to using products that are comparable to "real food" as ours are. Dr Shaklee was a chiropractor and believed that  man should "do unto others what you would want done to you". Well, as a parent of a child who has sensitive skin issues, I would want to know about these products. I therefore cannot NOT tell you about them, because even if you know ONE PERSON in your life who MIGHT benefit, why not try them? If you do NOT like them, you get your $$ back. Pretty simple!
Small actions of changing things one day at a time, can lead to a change in the entire health care system! Imagine not having to go to the doctor because of issues like this? I haven't had to in over a year! It's pretty darn amazing!
Message me on how to get a deal on these products! Happy New Year, and my recap of the holidays to come!

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