Sunday, December 01, 2013

He's making a wish, Checking it twice

The day after Thanksgiving is typically a busy day for shoppers. However, we found in the past that this isn't always so in Duluth at the Mall.
Two years ago, we walked right up to see Santa! However, Kyla had passed out, from a busy day and night! LOL
This year, we arrived around 1:30 to visit the big guy in Red, but he was out feeding the reindeer. We waited patiently (not) and were FIRST in line to greet him at 2:00 when he returned.
We heard the jingle of his bells and were SO excited! Kyla was literally bouncing on her toes!
 Ironically, Nana Dian had just told the girls all about the Elf Herman, who visits homes and peeks into windows to watch all the girls and boys, to see if they are behaving. He is Santa's biggest helper.
No, he's not an Elf on the Shelf. He's been around since I WAS little.
Santa told the girls he had heard reports from his helper Elf that overall, they had been pretty good this year! Keifer requested an Easy Bake oven from him, and he asked her if she would bake him some treats.
Kyla thought about it, and decided she wants a new American Girl Princess doll. Keifer had told her NOT to request another Barbie, which we have (seemingly) a thousand of.  Kyla was a bit off her game, after hearing that, and so she asked for a Princess. 
They were pretty quiet with Santa, which is very unusual!
Then, we posed for a picture, and it took about three attempts to get one where Kyla wasn't blinking. Our little one is always either 1) not looking at the camera or 2) blinks and has her eyes shut.  So this is the final product!
Our girls look so tall and old (sob).
Afterwards, we loaded up the van with Nana and Daddy and hit the movie, Frozen, which Mama loved, and the girls didn't have much to say (unusual again!).  I loved the theme and the music....the  music was great (I loved Idina Menzel).  Cousin Aubrie and Auntie Barb joined us there.
After the movie, we visited Bentleyville, a MUST SEE if you ever visit Duluth. Aubrie, Auntie and then Auntie Becky joined us there, as well.  This was the first year that we didn't freeze our tushies off during the walk-through!
Pics to come of that!

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