Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Last Month's Parade......

So last month, our Church (again) had a float in the cities' annual "Fire Muster Parade". The "Fire Muster" is a yearly event that takes place over the weekend. Our church is located smack dab in the middle of the parade route, which can be both good and bad, depending on how you feel about parades!
Our girls happen to LOVE parades!
If you recall, we were already in one parade this past summer! They (and I) feel like pros! Ha!

Last year, the girls and I hopped on the float with our Worship band and sang a bunch of tunes we had performed the previous year. Keifer had no qualms about picking up one of two mics and belting out the songs, like she was a soloist. 
This year, she again belted out some tunes, the ones that we knew, and had a blast. Kyla joined us while we waited during the line up, but she then walked with Daddy and watched just the beginning of the parade. They then left, because YOU KNOW, it was the first "FOOTBALL Sunday in our home. *(ahem)*

Here is a few snaps of the girls and I during the line up, waiting in the beautiful sun to head out. 

Kyla posing for Daddy
Our amazing Pastor Joy, her hubby, and another church member marching prior to our float
Here we come, belting out the tunes! The Worship band!

 And here are a couple REALLY WOBBLY (don't get sick!!! I'm warning you!) video clips of Keifer singing some tunes on the float. CJ was walking and trying to video the Live Event, but walking and videotaping doesn't work without a dolly. Watch it, but maybe just LISTEN to it? LOL.
I tried to upload another cute clip, but blogger wouldn't let me load it, so carry on.....enjoy! 

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