Monday, September 23, 2013

Wedding fun to end the summer!

Right before we had to end our summer and go back to school, a dear family friends' daughter got married (on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend).
CJ had to work, it was month end, so the girls and I packed up and spent Saturday night with Nana & Papa in Duluth. We enjoyed the viewing of Grease about 3  times (as the girls were obsessed with it, just having received it).  Sunday, we hung out and the prepped for the wedding. To say they were excited is an understatement!
Here is a video of Kyla during the reception- it was during dinner, and she was doing some sort of insane hip move that I didn't even know my 4 year old possessed! You can hear me laugh in the background.


Here are the girls, pre-wedding! Yes, they are posers! And yes, it was a windy day!
 The beautiful and glowing bride, Missy. I used to babysit her (gasp). She was so beautiful! Keifer was SO excited- she asked me to ask MISSY if she could hug her.  LOL.
During the wedding, the girls were breathless with anticipation of the ceremony. They wondered "when the Prince would show up?". *giggle*
 The following is a sequence of pictures taken during the reception. They had this cool new "Snap Yourself" option, and as you can see from the following, Keifer had QUITE a bit of fun "snapping herself"
The following 2 are my favorites! Me and my girls, getting silly!!

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