Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Grade & Preschool!

Yep, you can tell I'm back to work, my blogging has once again SLACKED! Well, I went back to work a week before the girls started and once again, I was moved from my office to another office,  which was not (let's say) ready for me.  No more sharing of THAT ordeal, but it got finished, the girls started school and we are HAPPY to be back in a routine.
Am I SAD that my girls are getting so big? HECK YEAH, and with older girls, comes bigger fish to fry (or bigger issues to deal with......more on that later).
But anyways, Keifer started 1st grade and LOVES her teacher. I really like her a lot, too. She seems very calm and mellow and does a lot of fun activities.  Keifer started the year with anxiety and tears, and had an extreme meltdown (that included trashing the kitchen) the 2nd night of school, but we've settled in. Other than acting like a teen-ager in the AM, (as in, it takes me 30-45 minutes to drag her out of bed), she loves to attend Kid Zone both before and after school, where all her chums (and "school sister" from Kindergarten) are waiting to play with her.
I LOVE her school so much!
She is trying soccer this Fall and (drumroll please?): she joined Girl Scouts (or Daisy scouts) this year, and couldn't be more excited! I'm pretty pumped to get to know some of these cool moms, myself!
Our Kyla darling started her second year of preschool, but in our district this time.  She started Small Wonders Preschool 3 afternoons (in a row!) and attends their programs version of "Kid Zone", called Wonder Zone, both before and after her class.  I don't know which one she loves more: the gigantic classroom with tons of kids and teachers that dote on her, and feed her breakfast, snack and lunch, and then walk her and some peers to her class, or her "actual preschool class", with Ms. Sandy and Ms. Janet?  She gets in the car, and on the way to pick up Keifer from school, I hear more chatter than ever.  Lots of chatter, and SHE supposedly  has a "school sister" (just like her big sissy does) although her school sister had NO idea she was just that, when I told that girl's mom last week! LOL.  Kyla also looks like she's on the verge of falling asleep (you know, those large zombie eyes, and blank stare), and it has been an adjustment to long days for her. On Mondays and Fridays, she attends the in-home daycare that is literally in our back yard, and she loves Lori. (More on our beloved Elaine retiring, (sniff)).  Lori said Kyla and 2 other girls who attend a 3 day -in-a-row class in the afternoon ALL nap like rocks on the days she has them. I love it! She loves it! We are all having a blast!


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