Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nashville: Yee-haw, what an amazing convention!

Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett, along w/my friend Peggy and myself . What a cool guy!

FINALLY a recap of the Convention.  I know, it's been almost a month since I went to Nashville, but believe me, I've WANTED to blog for weeks. Time, it is a wasting.....
However, this really can't convey the enthusiasm or exhilaration that we felt being there, hearing the news and learning about how amazing this company truly is. We truly ARE stewards for healthier living, and I love it!

This years Global Conference theme was The Shaklee Effect! Can you just imagine all the people that you can have a good effect on by letting them know about Shaklee!? Slowly, but surely, I am having a positive effect on people's lives and health everyday, and it's a great feeling! How do I know? THEY TELL ME! Some of them tell me they wish they had known about this sooner! So, I'm sharing NOW! With YOU!

You can watch the (archived) live
broadcasts here.There's ALWAYS tons of fun at the conferences!! Roger & family singing and playing on stage (if you're on FB I can send you video), Olympic Athletes speaking and sharing how they are using Shaklee so they do not have to worry about any banned illegal substances in their vitamins (yes, that has happened with other brands), Jacqui McCoy (from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition) & Harley Pasternak (trainer to the stars), both using and recommending Shaklee 180!! Shaklee doctors, scientists and home office staff speaking on stage, and, available for us to mingle with and ask any questions - and get answers. Celebrating Shaklee Family Members on stage, and, much, much more! You really have to be there to experience a Shaklee Live Conference! There's NOTHING like them!

ANNOUNCING! 2 NEW Shaklee 180 flavors!! Vanilla Chai Smoothees (limited time) and Toffee & Chocolate Crunch Snack bars!!! YUM!!!

This season, The Biggest Loser China will be using Shaklee 180 products!!! WOWOWO!
If you can watch it, or you know anyone who can, please share this info!

The 2014 Dream Trip is to
Playa del Carmen!!! And, the Top Achievers International Trip is to Bali in Indonesia!!! Would you like to go on either or both of these trips for FREE? All you have to do is earn them! Please talk to me when you are ready to do the work, which is much more fun than work, but we'd have to start ASAP to be able to earn these trips!

Shaklee is now in our 8th country! Indonesia!! If you have family or friends in any of the countries that we are in, you may
build a seemless business beyond borders, and/or, help them to have a business of their own! With the internet, it is EASY to meet new people if you don't know anyone in these countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Tawain, Malaysia, China & Indonesia.

I hope to see you soon and please let me know if you would like to have any more information about our products, the conference, or about starting your own healthy Shaklee business so you can help others to get healthier, and, earn cars, trips & cash. This is just a little of what Shaklee offers each and every one of us. We really only have 2 products: Health & Freedom.

Let's spread #TheShakleeEffect
Below are some of the videos I can't NOT share!!!!  Consider your family and consider joining me on this amazing journey! If I can have time to do this, so can you! It's not "selling", its' SHARING the wonderfulness of what Shaklee truly is!

This is a great 3  min recap of the 180 contest winners. Try not to cry when you watch it.

I adore these videos with Justin Rose, and the KIDS! Who doesn't like NATURAL and real products! LOL

Free or pay for them!?

What's better??

WHO WANTS to go to Playa del Carmen with me next Fall!??

or even just LONG BEACH for the August, 2014 convention? Start saving your pennies- I already registered and am so excited!

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