Monday, July 29, 2013

We survived a week in the Mountains!!

Home again, home again, here we are..... it seems like we were just flying OUT on a jet plane towards Denver, Colorado  for my hubby's semi-annual extended family reunion. We did one when Keifer was just 4 months old in Lake Tahoe, but this trip, we were lucky to enjoy beautiful Keystone, CO!

I have plenty of pictures and plenty to say, but I am exhausted. Beyond belief.  It is now 11:30 PM or so, we traveled half the day home and I feel like I'm in another zone! Oye!

Here are some pictures I've been uploading onto Facebook........yep, I post a lot on there so if you aren't my friend on there YET, please contact me for info on how to find me!

Enjoy my beautiful girls- I'm in awe at how amazing they are! They both did SO WELL traveling, I'm so proud of them! Keifer had about 10 thousand questions and Kyla just enjoyed it all, being doted on my new cousins and new friends.  Both girls were SO SAD to leave their cousins!!!

Arriving into the Mile High City!
 The last day we were all together, just a snap shot of SOME of the 3rd and 4th generation cousins hanging out and having a blast! Apparently, our cousins in Denver (whom we spent Wednesday night enjoying at their home for dinner, prior to the drive up), their 2 sons were sobbing last night, missing their "new cousins" "so so so much" Awwww....
 Kyla was doted on by cousin Kinsey, and she told me all day today that tomorrow, they are having a play date! LOL (no, they are 5 hours apart, too bad for all)...
... and she was doted on for days by Griffin, who told his mom, "she has the best laugh I've ever had. I'll do anything to hear her laugh again"

These two munchkins were born on exactly the same birth date! Amazing, huh?  They haven't seen each other since they were 1 years old! CJ is first cousins with his Mama 
 Headed up in the "canola" as Kyla calls the gondolas.

 Fancy dress for the meet and greet Friday night!
 She warms my heart. She loves her bling, so getting the hat on over her headband was fun!

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