Monday, July 22, 2013

Hurry! Two more weeks left! And some testimonials from my friends:

Sharing a few comments and notes from some friends who are customers: the picture below is from someone who has found she loves our stress relief complex .  She has a son who was diagnosed with Aspergers this past year, and has been dealing with everyday life of working and then dealing with school issues.
 Another friend told me she wished she would've listened to me a yet ago and started some products then, because she's be that much healthier NOW, because she's noticing changes.  She has significant digestive health issues, and is working on healing herself from within.

 Another customer found she relies on our smothees for breakfast: she says she now HAS to have one to get through her morning, as she feels fuller longer and has no cravings.  After hearing more facts the other night, she asked, " why don't more people KNOW about these products? They are amazing!!!"

One friend said , when she saw I was an independent Distributor, she wanted to " run the other way" ; it's a misconception. She is now a happy customer who agreed that she loves the products she uses for running.
 Contact me for more info - you have 2 more weeks to join with no member fees!! Any product = free membership and no monthly minimums.  Yep, that's ANY PRODUCT PURCHASE! No more "retail pricing" - always member!  For an ALL natural product!

Shaklee has no tolerance for ANY trace of contaminants in ANY of their products.  Most companies allow 10% contaminants and then will sell their products. Shaklee puts their products on back order and won't release them until they are 100% contaminant-free!  They are considered 2 steps above organic!

 Think about your health: why NOT try something that can help you feel better, and possibly lower your need for prescriptions ? Just for a month to start, with 100% money back if you aren't happy.

Check out our products now and let me know if you have ANY questions! I can help with SO many health conditions!

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