Monday, May 06, 2013

May Specials.....

So ya'll know I do Shaklee on the side. I'm a full time Early Childhood Special Education teacher, plus I have the girls, plus the 2 dogs, plus CJ, and life with our home, etc.......and yet I do this because 1) I LOVE IT - I love the socializing, the challenge, the joy of helping someone with products and our business opportunity.
I also do it because 2) the products are amazing. Most companies out there (well, almost all) cannot say that they have 57 years of history behind them, nor can they PROVE with 3rd party reviewed Scientific Journals of the ingredients and results that our products have. I was hooked the first month I tried the Joint Relief Complex, and since then, I've never ONCE been UNHAPPY with ANY of the products I've tried.
 Roger Barnett put 2 years and millions (*yes, millions) of $$ into research for the new 180 products. It's unlike any "fad" diet out there: it's not a quick fix, it's not cheap because it is all natural (no sucralose, artificial anything....) and it works. I myself love the smoothies for breakfast- in fact, I'm hooked, because not only does it contain a REAL amount of PROTEIN to help me make it through my busy AM with kiddos, it also helps maintain my blood sugar. It's great for people with diabetes.  AND - it  maintains ALL your muscle while you lose your weight. It may fall off overnight, but it's proven and it does work. If you are willing to TRY. Are you willing to TRY? Because Shaklee will prove to you that in 90 days, you will lose weight. And, they will also help you (!) the "after after" 90 days in supporting you so you keep that weight OFF!
 I hope so, because Shaklee just announced their BIG NEWS about MAY:

Shaklee just announced 90 days of free shipping for all NEW people on The 180 program AND a gift certificate for $100 in FREE PRODUCTS at the end of the first 90 days on the program. If you are wanting to get healthy or lose weight, this money back guaranteed program is amazing!
Don't wait! This is a limited time offer!

Message me now for information and let's talk about what might make YOU happy: better health? An opportunity for more $$ and free travel?  Either way, I am so excited to help new people start- it's so awesome to be a part of someone's happiness!

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