Saturday, May 04, 2013

Insane in the Membrane-- Duluth again. Yep.

Just some more visuals of my visit from DULUTH from March. I was on Spring break, and I hauled the girls up on a Saturday through Monday, for a quickie visit. The weather was snow and cold, so we didn't go too crazy up there.
Here we are, the girls and I, lazing around after church, getting ready to go out to eat with the family.
After stuffing ourselves silly at Outback, Nana Dian and her 2 kids (me and my brother) and her Grandkids!
 We had to add in Stephie (Darren's GF and Wyatt's Mommy)
 What pic would be complete without a Silly face one?
 Papa and his Favorite Fans
 Silly again
This one- check out the look on Keifer's face as she snuggles her beloved Papa Dale. Oye, does it melt your heart or WHAT!?? Oye.
And the kids, just being themselves. The older 2 (K1 and Wy-guy) are so damn ACTIVE! I'm surprised we stopped them long enough for all the pictures here!
 And there ya go! Oh, YEAH!

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