Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jake & Sofia? Oh MY! Hot DOG!

If you have kids that are into watching Princess and Pirate shows, and really love anything on Disney Junior (TV), then you'll be excited right along with me.

They are going on tour, along with Doc McStuffins, and I know one little almost-4 year old who is going to scream, get crazy, and probably do a little dance when she hears about this!

And this girl's Mama (me, hee hee) was up late, purchasing tickets to the Fall show! I think I AM more excited than the girls' will be when we tell them!
Yep, Jake and Sofia are coming!
Doc is a side show thing, apparently. 

Kyla was really into Jake and the Neverland Pirates last summer and this Fall. In fact, she was an adorable Izzy for Halloween!

"Ahoy, there matey! Let's look for some gold doubloons!"
 (at the zoo, with her witch sissy)
And Princess Sofia? Well, let's just say, this girl calls herself Princess Kyla the First, and has already broken one of Mama's necklaces that she was calling her special "Amulet", just like Sofia wears! 
 (*I wish this was released sooner, instead of waiting until July! Our girl would love this for her birthday! You can count on her purchasing one with some birthday money!*)

Here we were, in Duluth, lounging and reading about Sofia!

So yes, I am truly excited to find out what this live show entails for our girls this Fall! You can bet that I'll have plenty of pictures from that upcoming day!

** I should add, I am no way affiliated with Disney, or the tour that is coming. I'm just the Mama of 2 Disney fanatic girls, and am a Disney World/ Disney Land lover as well.  I think it's FUN to enjoy things like this, so by sharing this opportunity, I am no way endorsing it or being paid to do so!**

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