Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dandelions and notes

I am so excited that Keifer LOVES to write. She sits and writes notes to me, CJ, her Papa and Nana, her friends, and ABOUT anything.  Last week, she was insistent that she was going to write some jokes. She painstakingly sat on the love seat next to me, and asked me how to spell certain words, and wrote out the most ridiculous "jokes". I do that in " " because they were honestly awful. I made the mistake of laughing out loud at how dumb they were (sorry, honey) and made her cry. I apologized profusely and got her back on the writing circuit.
I love that she does this, because I USED to do this. Somewhere (I need to find!) I have little mini-books and pictures that I used to make- I'd draw the pictures and my Mom or Grandma would write the story for me. I have always loved to read, and this was something (writing) that I continued to do my whole life.  I remember writing about the "Heart Family" and the story is in my Grandma's writing. That's it; tonight I'm digging that out of the basement to show the girls!

I love that Keifer loves to write, and she loves to read. It comes and goes in spurts of when she'll actually sit down to read, but she is doing so more and more lately. One time, after a play date, she was feeling neglected by the friends: she thought they were paying more attention to her sissy.  So she (independently) took out a note pad, asked me how to spell a few things, and gave me a note that I've kept, saying: "I am sad. Why? Because ___ and ___ like Kyla better than me"

K1 also loves to read each and every morning to her sissy! Most days, Kyla will allow it, but it's usually ME who has to put the kibosh on it because she is so damn ADD and can't get into her actual bedroom after her shower to get dressed, etc., so we can get out the door!  I'm so impressed that she is reading and writing and doing so much more than I even did in Kindergarten (the new 1st grade, I call it).  *Bliss*.  Kyla doesn't even realize how lucky she is to have her older sissy devoting so much attention on her (Lord knows I wasn't this kind to my little brother growing up, hee hee)

Last night, when K2 and I went to pick our sissy girl K1 up at Kid Zone, she made us take a detour while exiting. She had picked a pile of dandelions and placed them near the back door, by the playground, so she could bring them home to me and CJ.  The minute we walked in, she had a mission: she was going to find the mini tea-cups from K2's set in the basement play area, and she filled each and every little one you see up with water.  She carefully pieced out the dandelions into the cups/bowls, and then wrote the note out. The picture was the one for CJ. I went to Zumba last night (shaky shaky!) and when I got home, I had my very own note and flowers as well (smile).  Except mine had an added, "I missed you" and "I love you" on it. She is the sweetest damn girl, when she wants to be!

Do you remember when YOU were little and picking dandelions was the coolest thing ever to give to your parents?

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