Sunday, June 17, 2012

Top Five Books for DADS - on Father's Day:

Since Father's Day was coming, I've had a stack of books next to the Rocker in Kyla's bedroom-and for weeks, we've been reading these books that have daddy as one of the main characters in them.  In our world, Daddy is a STAR! So why not read fun books about him?

Here are the top 5 (that I could find in our piles of books about family!) Enjoy!

1)  Daddy is a Doodlebug! We've had this forever- and Keifer first loved it, now Kyla does! It has great rhymes and everything is  "oodle" - like Patoodlebug (for Poodle) and "Chipoodle" for Chips.

2)  My Daddy Snores!  We have a copy of this when Keifer was younger, and she had it memorized. It actually started to fall apart, so we bought a new copy, and now Kyla is fascinated by all the places Mommy has to find to sleep! Mommy laughs because it's so TRUE TO LIFE! HA! Snoring = our daddy!

3)  A great one about a Daddy who goes on "dates" with his young daughter (just like CJ! ) and then makes her day in the ending.........Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale
Our girls adore this (as I do!)

4) A classic that not many people buy, that is a companion to Goodnight Moon, is My World.  It is, at first, a little "different", until you realize it's scattered thoughts are exactly like a child would think- random and silly -and Kyla adores it!  I love the pictures, and the loving theme of the parents and their little boy bunny. I also love the subtle "inside pictures" of things that are the book The Runaway Bunny, (which K2 insists upon every night!)  as well as Goodnight Moon, which you'd only know if you own and read those other books.

5)  And The Daddy Book- I love Todd Parr- he writes colorful, crazy, silly and appropriate books for kids of all ages. This one focuses on all the different types of dads in the world.  Again, a hit in our house!

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