Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that......

Keifer in one of her birthday gifts- a new Princess Purple dress, complete with her add-on fairy wings (thanks to the $1 section at La Target boutique)
 Love my Tboy sitting next to her bar stool! (sigh)
 Kyla girl, wearing her infamous (around these parts) "pink dress" aka her leotard that I got at a consignment sale with her for a crazy $2! Best money I ever spent- the girl wants to live in this pink leotard -she thinks the skirt (tulle part) is "a dress!" She cries when this goes into the wash! LOL
Last week, before we left for work and daycare, Mama & her first born: both in stripes and both in a new JEAN SKIRT! I was so excited to find one I actually LIKED-at the Gap- and I had $$ to spend there (thanks to burning up my Gap card)
We should've picked a better place to pose, other than the laundry /mud room!

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