Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kyla's 3rd SWIM party!

The SAME DAY as the below mentioned Family, Fitness and Fun Fair, it was Kyla's 3rd birthday! Yes, folks, THREE YEARS OLD! I know, I know, where in the heck did three years go? I wish I knew. In my mind, she's still my little, tiny baby girl, who is not old enough to be told "you need to pee and poop in the potty!"   (*and yes, it was quite the busy day, with the Fair in the morning, but we tried to nap the best we could, and of course, Mama is the only one who managed to nap! LOL. We had the party at 4:30, which gave us SOME TIME to prep!*)

The girl had been pumped up about her birthday for about a month, as her older sissy's birthday was in April. Ever since we finished K1's birthday party, Kyla has been talking non-stop at home about HER upcoming swim party. And boy, was she excited.

Earlier in the week, to prepare for the party, I took my girl to the store to pick out her cake for the party:
She initially wanted an Aerial (Little Mermaid) cake, but once she saw the Princess cake, her mind was made up: it was the below cake for her. And when given the taste choices, the minute "Marble" was said, she piped up, "MARBLE! MARBLE! I want a marble cake!".  I will say, it was delicious! And I insist on ONLY ordering whipped cream frosting! It doesn't hurt my teeth as much! LOL

For our 3 year old's guest list, she invited her daycare friends, and a few friends from our old and new neighborhoods, along with her family (of course!)
I'll let you in on a secret: that "3" candle? I saved it from when K1 was 3, and it was intact until K1 carried it INTO the hotel for the party, and snap. It broke. So we taped it up. Nothing wrong with it then, right! 
Older sissy was quite excited for K2!
And yes, Mama did splurge on another swim suit for K2. As if they don't have enough. Can I HELP IT if I adore girls' swim suits? They are just too cute! And she has a matching hat for this suit, just sayin'...
Kyla and her good friend, since birth!, Little Goat! Taking turns on the slippery slide! This was done about a hundred or so times!
And yes, my girl loves her tattoos!
K1 and her good friend from our new neighborhood
I can't tell you HOW SWEET it was to see K2,K1, and ALL their little friends sitting around the table, quietly (yes, no sounds!) eating pizza, fruit and veggies, as the parents stood or sat and monitored!

What awesome friends my girls have!
After eating, K2 and Little Goat was not quiet in their attempts to communicate what they wanted: INTO THE POOL AREA!
Let us in, let us in!
The next day, Kyla was quite the QUIET girl, playing with her 2 new Barbie dolls, and then napping for 4 (yes, I said 4) hours straight! She was so exhausted from running, splashing and sliding for a solid 4 hours Saturday night and then an hour on Sunday morning. Keifer actually CRIED when we left the hotel for home! 

What an amazing birthday party our girl had. We couldn't have asked for a better turn out and so much fun was had by all the kids! Another amazing party, and Mama is still sad at how fast it seemed to go by!

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Heather said...

Happy birthday, Kyla!!! Hope you had a great day! It does look like it was fun. Our boys turned three yesterday!!!


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