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All about my New Business Endeavor

You're probably (maybe?) noticed or heard, if you know me, that I've recently become a Distributor of Shaklee products. It may or may not come as a surprise, but I will tell you: I am SO excited to be a spokesperson for this company- which started out 56+ years ago (and where the first Multi-Vitamin came from!)

WHY I got into selling for Shaklee:

You're all probably like "WTHECK is this that she got herself into???" and "WHAT IS A SHAKLEE??" I'll tell you a little about
MY WHY and what it is. And, how impressed I have been in the year I started buying from them.

My 4 year old Keifer was diagnosed with Sensory Integration "Issues" a few years back (as my story of her is a few posts below); life is challenging to say the least (as many of you know and hear about often- HA). She is highly sensitive to smells and sounds, and although she tested NEGATIVE for allergies through a blood test, I know she is sensitive to foods and products (shampoos, etc) we use. She was also diagnosed as "pre-asthmatic" and does a daily inhaler of Flo-Vent to prevent asthma attacks. She typically goes through the winter having breathing issues.

Another friend of mine showed me clinical research studies done by by a company called Shaklee, whom she is a Director for. Shaklee has been around for 56+ years and was recently bought by Roger Barnett for the reason of his child: his child has asthma and they had to find new products to use inside their home for their son. Products that were safe.

Did you know that 72% of children in the ER are there because of household cleaning products (Parenting magazine). Shaklee's Basic H is equal to 5824 bottles of 26oz Windex. It also has over 100 other uses. (degreaser, wood, marble, granite, stove tops, remove bugs from cars, removes sticky residue like gum from hair, breaks down wax to remove lipstick from carpet and much more).

I started using the Basic H, and I swear to you, Keifer's "tantrums" (if you will) and moods have been better. She is no longer throwing herself on the floor every night, and I haven't seen her nose drip (knock on wood) since I don't remember when. I MYSELF have recently used Basic H on potty training accidents, VOMIT, dog dirt, etc...this cleaning line is non-toxic and safe for your home, children, and pets. I adore the Scour-Off heavy duty cleaner. It even smells to me like bubble gum. I love seeing the SHINE after I use it on my bathtubs and kitchen sink, and I know that it (again, yes yes yes) is SAFE. I can now let my girls help me clean the house, and guess what? They are using their hands to "get into" the cleaning products, and Keifer isn't wheezing or using her nebulizer and her nose isn't running. She isn't reacting at.all.

Your skin is also your largest organ and when you wash your clothes in detergent, toxins are soaking into your skin. You have clothes on all day and you sleep in your sheets that have those toxins also. You breathe them in while sleeping and those toxins break down your immune systems and can create other health challenges.

I switched the the Laundry detergent for HE machines and feel SO much better knowing my girls skin and lungs are safe. Keifer had ZERO eczema episodes this winter, along with ZERO need for her nebulizers.

The What?:
My favorite Products include the Get Clean Products: Basic H, the Laundry Detergent, as well as the Joint Health Complex .

I started taking the Joint Health a year ago for my bad knee- and I didn't know if it was working or not when my friend followed up with me. Then I stopped taking it. And I realized it IS working. It doesn't contain Chondroitrin, which many people believe is GOOD for your joints, but really, doesn't get absorbed by your body and could potentially be toxic because it has long term side effects on liver & kidneys.... and the Joint Health by Shaklee does in 5 days what glucosomine & chondroitrin take 4-8weeks to do. And I have noticed that the arthritis that is developing in my fingers isn't flaring up, if at all.

As for Vitamins- yeah, I take a lot of vitamins. Usually from Target. I take a multi-vitamin, Fish oils, etc..Its cheaper at Sam's and I could buy in bulk. And my husband doesn't like to spend a lot of $$. ANd I don't HAVE a lot of $$. However, Shaklee has zero tolerance for toxins,:they prove that what is in bottle, is on label, & in bloodstream after taking it.
FDA doesn't regulate supplements & many don't break down in the body, meaning they have "fillers". Its the #1 cause for clogged Port o potties (kind of gross) but true.

And oh yeah, there are hundreds of CLINICAL RESEARCH studies on Shaklee products. Pages to read. They have a headquarters where Scientists actually do testing of all their products. AND there is a 100% money back if you aren't happy with anything. Even if the bottle is empty!

Shaklee also has a 20yr landmark study... people that took Shaklee supplements for 20yrs, people that took nothing for 20yrs & people that took other supplements. The study was done by University of Berkley and people on Shaklee had highest healthmarkers & people on nothing had better healthmarkers than those who took other stuff.

I decided spending the $$ on GOOD vitamins instead of getting SICK and spending $ at a doctor might be better worth the $ spent. So when I joined to sell Shaklee, I got a 1 month supply of
Vitalizer for Women.

It has everything your body needs for one full day of nutrition + a probiotic. The pics of all the essential vitamins and minerals that are IN the strip of vitamins show A LOT of food that would have to be eaten. But I get it in one strip.

Is is a little more $ to spend? HELL Yes.

However, I did a "test". I've been taking the vitamins for almost a month and I have seen/felt a difference- I haven't felt like I needed to nap at 1PM after lunch and I have been staying up until almost 11 every night! I forgot to take them one day in the morning and I almost fell asleep in my PM class that day! So I honestly do think THEY are working, too. To me, knowing my body is benefitting from the vitamins and minerals and potentially saving money at the future doctor visits is totally worth the cost.

For my girls:
Incredivites for Children has Lactoferon (kid dose of Nutriferon) an immune booster that was proven by Cornell Univ. to fight off the flu. It also helps kids with auto immune disorders, along with other health challenges and keeps healthy kids healthy! It isn't loaded w/ sugar and is proven to have in the bottle & bloodstream what is on the label. To me and my girls, they are easy and tasty to eat and the girls are so excited to take their "healthy" vitamins! And I feel so much better, knowing they are getting all they should when food just isn't going to do it all in one day.

If people take vitamins at all, they should take the ones that are proven to be what they say they are. Shaklee proves it. :)

Once I get started, I could go ON and ON about the products- I haven't even touched on the all-natural beauty line- with moisturizers and a "natural Botox" (that has people telling me I look more refreshed lately! Ha!), or the Cinch line of weight loss products.

If you feel like asking me any questions, check out my web page link on the side -->
or feel free to email me and we can chat via phone. I hope you are as excited to try some of these amazing products and become a convert as much as I am!

Now watch this video and see what you think:

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