Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Keifer and I are, as always, on our Glee kick. I've been somewhat disappointed by the episodes this year, with the exception of a few of them. One of the major subplots was the character of Santana, going through trying times with her coming out as a lesbian. Of course, Keifer has no idea what is being talked about, but it's interesting to hear her comments on some of the things that happen: case in point after this performance, when Santana goes up to Finn and slaps his face.

However, as always in TV Land, the Glee group makes up and sing this song: We Are Young by the group FUN.:

Now, I will tell you, I loved this song the minute I heard it. I immediately looked up who sang it and how to get my hands on it. I ended up downloading the original version, but I actually prefer the Glee cast's version. We are some of the thousands of people who enjoy listening to their songs and soundtracks as we drive along. Keifer loves it, I love it...what more can I ask for.

On another note, though, I downloaded the song the weekend that a very good childhood friend passed away. My buddy Ryan and I had been friends since I can't even remember, having gone to Elementary school and on together *up through college as well*. He was my first REAL boyfriend: the one you have a crush on and he likes you back. We were in 5th grade, and it was the most memorable year of my young life. It was the year strong friendships were born, and many memories of becoming WHO I AM as a person are lodged in the memories of that year.
Ryan and I used to joke, as we aged, that were were each others' "5th grade lover" and we had inside lingo and a funny little "dance" that we did that made no sense to anyone but us. The infamous "Johnny" dance was what we called it, having gotten the cue from the movie Short Circuit, who had Number 5 in it ("Number 5 is alive") and the song Who's Johnny by El DeBarge (tell me that doesn't take some of you back!). Ahh, the memories.

So when Ryan died, I was in a state of total shock. Lots to say about that, but I'll spare you. I drove up alone for the night, to attend his funeral on President's Day Monday. The song We Are Young had recently been uploaded to my IPod, and as I was flipping around songs, it popped up. The minute the chorus started in, I thought of Ryan, and the tears just poured. The part of the song about "when the bar closes and you feel like falling down, I'll carry you home"....well, being young and kids, Ryan and I used to have drinks at parties together (yes, we did). And on one occasion, I went out with Ryan and another friend of ours during finals week at college, and I ended up having one too many Long Island Teas (oh, how I used to love Grandma's Saloon's teas). The night had started out with a few beers watching comedy, and then moved on to Teas. Oh boy. I ended up vomiting on the rocks near the Lake front (Lake Superior), but Ryan and our other friend took care of me, and ended up driving my car home and making sure I was safe at home that night. It may not have meant alot at the time, to any of us, but looking back, it did. Stupid things we did, they WERE stupid, but I look back and I treasure the little things that we had together. Fun nights out, inside jokes, and so forth.
When Ryan died, I hadn't seen him in I can't remember how long. But his funeral DID bring together SO MANY people, and we all had a chance to reconnect. I had the pleasure of spending most of that day with my bestest friend ever in the world-whom is like my sister, Jess. Jess and I became best friends in that 5th grade class that I wrote of, so it was especially nice to have her sitting and holding my arm as we cried together, saying goodbye to our Ryan. Our Uncle "Ry Ry".

Now and then, I hear this song We Are Young on the radio, I immediately choke up, and know that Ryan is watching out over his friends and laughing at us. I hope he is, because then I know I have an angel watching over me. RIP, Ryan.

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