Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friends- give friends- a hand!

Well, at least that's what the Fresh Beat Band sings about! And what a night we had in the beginning of March-going to see the Fresh Beat Band LIVE- on stage!!!

It was good we (Keifer and I) even made it there, as we both had the FLU BUG (aka vomit bug) earlier in the week. I had it Tuesday and Wednesday, Keifer had it Wednesday, and Kyla had it late Wed/early Thursday night. CJ had stayed home with Kyla that Thursday, and she "seemed" OK to go. Oops. Not really. She vomited on the way to pick sissy up at school-so we frantically played "WHO CAN GO TO THE SHOW WITH US?" games until the last minute - and being it was a 5PM concert, that was pretty tricky (stressful, in my opinion!)

Luckily, our new and dear neighbor friends made it at the last second and K1 was able to rock out to the band with her buddy, A. from across the yard.

Keifer, having her sensory issues, of course, acted like she wasn't too into the band and didn't want me to TOUCH HER, as she was taking all the sensations in (and I admit, I enjoyed the show myself!). However, in the car on the ride home, her and A. giggled in the back seat about how that was the best show they'd ever seen!

Here are some VIDEO CLIPS of our concert experience

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