Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The eggy time of year: Easter!

Above, you will see a yard full of Easter eggs- full of fruit snacks and chewy candies, just waiting for kids to find them! Some were easy to find, some weren't so easy to find. This was at my friend (and co-worker) Leanne's house. She had her grandchildren over - 2 of them, plus her niece Eli, so I drug my kids up north to her house to partake in the Easter Egg hunt! :) It was a cold, rainy, dreary day, but the girls had a blast! They had previously done their first (memorable to them) egg hunt at Elaine's (daycare) the day prior to this, so they were fresh into looking for as many eggs as possible!
Look, K1, it's in a tree!
Hunting eggs
Under the bushes!
The girls had a blast tearing their eggs apart inside the house and finding all the candy treats. We had lunch at Leanne's and then stayed for awhile to play. Both girls had such a blast playing with new friends, and getting to know my friends a bit better, too.

We got home, did our naps, and FINALLY dug into our OWN Easter Egg coloring that night! Keifer had been begging to color eggs for days, and we finally boiled up 2 dozen eggs and were able to explore all the colors Friday night. We made it into a production- Daddy was in charge of buying the egg coloring systems, and he went hog wild buying quite a few 'gadgets' , if you will. All Keifer cared about was making sure each and every egg was dipped into EVERY COLOR POSSIBLE. Yeah, there was no PLAN to her egg dying, other than making sure they had touched each bowl of color.
Finding out what the next color makes for this particular egg. Mama was in charge of writing on the eggs prior to the dipping into colors.
K2 didn't care so much about any of it. She was busy playing with her apron and trying to crack the eggs!
Mama showing a really interested K2 the egg she had started to color. Yeah, she's really impressed. LOL.
This is the only picture we got Easter morning prior to leaving for Church. Yeah, sorry, Daddy, but I left you in charge (Dad) of taking a picture of the girls in their MATCHING blue shirts with a matching skirt. SO adorable, they were. But this is what we have to show for it. Oh well, how adorable are they? So in love with each other (most of the time) and so excited to leave for CHURCH!!!!
A few days later, I remembered we never got a picture of our eggs! Here is a sampling of what we colored on Friday night. Notice the amazing words on them? Nana, Papa, Treble, Sage, hearts and stars, and I LOVE YOU. So much fun! These poor eggs recently hit the garbage, so we all said "bye bye, eggs" a few nights ago!
I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter this year! Yes, I'm behind, but it was not forgotten! :)

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