Monday, May 09, 2011

Being a MAMA: Mother's Day, 2011

For years, I ached to be a mother. I ached to hold a baby or two, and to be honored on a day especially for Moms everywhere. I have a memory of being at a house where there were mom's celebrating their "Mom hood" on Mother's Day, and I was devastated to be in that same house. I can still recall the tears and how my heart was so hurt.

Well, yesterday, I was proud as a peacock to hold the title of "Mama". I am a mama to 2 beautiful girls, and 2 adorable fur kids. My heart is bursting at the seams with love for my 4 year old drama-filled Keifer and my *(almost)* 2 year old loving clown, Kyla. Treble and Sage are my cuddle partners, and I can't imagine my life without any of these beings. The fact that my belly has a little extra bulge that doesn't want to move is my testimonial to the joy I experienced as they rolled around and grew inside my body.

Me and my shadow, Keifer, prior to our church singing experience last month
Mama and Kyla, sharing a play moment on the stairs, where she directed me very strictly to "sit, sit", while she hoarded toys and her lovies on the step behind us.
I was lucky enough to be able to sleep in yesterday on Mother's Day. I had a headache so the sleep was not as enjoyable as it should've been. However, once the rain started pouring a few hours later, my headache was confirmed ( I swear I can predict weather with my headaches and knee pain!). After lounging around with the girls and Papa and Nana (who were visiting), we enjoyed a lunch that Daddy picked up. Keifer and he had been to Urgent Care, where she was diagnosed (Again) with a double ear infection. ENT - here we come?
After lunch, Daddy and the grandparents took the girls to the Dollar Store for some fun toys, and Mama spent a blissful afternoon doing errands, and looking at open houses: all ALONE. BLISS Is right. I had also enjoyed an hour alone on Saturday getting a pedicure- my first for the spring/summer season! Ahhh, joys in the simple things.
After the errands, I arrived home to pick up the family and we all looked at some open houses - "just because". Who knows what our future will hold. Then we picked up some Chinese - Keifer's request, but Mama concurred that that sounded delicious. We had a low key evening, and Mama got to catch up on some DVR'ed shows: alone! ALONE ALONE!
I used to be so sad about being alone, now I treasure my few moments alone so that I can re-charge my batteries and renew my spirit.

Walking into the grosh a few weeks ago with a smiley Kyla
Here comes big Sissy
And last, but not least, MY MAMA! I love you, Nana DI!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom: she is the best!


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