Monday, April 04, 2011

So happy, together.....

Look at how Kyla is looking at Keifer in the above picture. So much adoration! She never takes her eyes off her dramatic older sister. She's always looking for her and calling out to her: "sissy, sissy". So sweet.

Below, the 2 sissies in their tent. Hanging out and enjoying life. I love it. I love them.

Drawing on their box. Side by side.

Watching a Mickey Mouse before dinner, after an early evening bath time.

Consoling Kyla, sitting on the coffee table.

Watching "Mouse" as Kyla calls it on "T.B" (as she also says)


DaisyGal said...

oh those little girls are so beautiful, I love how they love on each other, how they complete the picture of one another. What little beautiful reminders of the LOVE in your house. :)

Queen Bee said...

I LOVE how she has her arm around Kyla while watching T.V. ADORABLE!!!

Wendy and Karen said...

You can feel their love for one another in these photos. Simply precious!


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