Tuesday, February 01, 2011

That's not a box, it's a .....

Just a smattering of pictures from the past weekend and week of the girls doing what they do best: playing together!

I took home a few boxes from work last week and you know what they say: forget toys, get a box! I tell you, we could/should have just a living room full of boxes, because that's all the girls want to be playing with!
Daddy gives awesome rides in the box! I tried so hard to get a clip of him pushing/pulling them (the girls' belly laughs were the best.thing.ever. to listen to, but alas, Kyla stopped when I turned on record, of course)
Jack-in-the-Box x 2!

Pure, unadulterated joy
My favorite
And a few more pictures from the other day. I found the girls dragging blankets around the house (oh, so sanitary, yes), and finally choosing to camp out in front of the dishwasher. You see those headbands around Kyla's neck? Ahh, yes, the headband and hair clip obsession has already hit her. LOL
Later on, they decided books were a good choice of things to do. They (ALL ON THEIR OWN!) picked their own books and sat on the couch and read to themselves!!!

Yes, Mommy got a little excited there! LOL. I am oh-so happy to be developing readers in the house! You all know how much I adore reading, and to know and witness just how much joy books bring my girls; well, it makes me smile with pure joy!

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