Friday, April 22, 2011

New digs for the B-doll

What is Papa Dale doing, on this Sunday of Keifer's birthday, with Keifer's assistance? Why, he's working very hard on constructing her new birthday gift! A new Doll house!
By far, Keifer's very favorite Birthday gift this year has been this new dollhouse - MANSION! She has just been getting interested in Barbies, and a few months ago, she commented to me that poor Barbie had grass in her hair, because she didn't fit in the other house we have, and so she had to sleep in the grass! Along the way, there have other small comments about Barbie not fitting in the house and sleeping in her car, etc. etc. so I finally told my mom that Barbie NEEDED a new home, to put Keifer's mind at ease. And I must tell you, her comments were not done out of WANTING a new home- she had no idea a bigger house even existed! If you could've heard the squeals when she opened this house up!! Oye! JOY! Both Keifer and Kyla have had many hours of fun walking their Barbies (and her new Ken from Auntie Barbara) around the house, and Kyla has even let a few Little People join their festivities! The completed product- and I have to say, putting up with Papa Dale's swearing and grunting and irritability was worth it all for the 2 hours Sunday AM he put it together, with Keifer's "help" *giggle*

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TheKirCorner said...

that is gorgeous! WOW, I wish I got a doll house like that or I could LIVE in it. LOL

Keifer must have been over the moon!!!!


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