Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who is this big girl? *sniff*

Only a few more weeks,and my first baby girl will be 4 years old! WHERE THE HELL has the time gone? *sniff sniff* I was just telling her last night, as she excitedly talked about her upcoming birthday party, that it felt like I had just given birth to her! And I told her I was sad to let her outside of my warm womb, because I had her all to myself. *sniff*
She is just such a good big sister. She adores her little Chap-stick toting sissy, and both tolerates and teaches her so much. She even told me last week, she thinks we should have another baby- a baby boy, and we'll name him Jack, just like the baby Jack at daycare! Um, sweetie, I think mama is done with babies (*double sniff*
And I just told CJ last night, but our little book lover appears to possibly know how to read some things? I'm not so sure, but the other night, she took her smoothie cup from Old McDonalds (as we call it in this house), and read "Smoooo-thie" off the side. No prompting. Yes, it was obviously her smoothie cup, but how did she know what that WORD was on the side? Hmmm. I wouldn't doubt it, she adores sitting with books and pretending to read them to herself and K2.
And oh, how I adored this outfit she is wearing in the picture. And how disappointed I was/am that she could NOT stop chewing on the damn collar (cowl collar) and so, she can't wear it without making the neck line saturated with saliva. Lovely. Oh, K1.

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