Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby, baby - how K2 loves her baby!

Eat, baby. Here's your bottle.
Kyla loves to feed and hold and push her babies around in her stroller. The baby in the pictures here are the ones she loved on PRIOR TO Nana Dian coming this past weekend and gifting her with a NEW baby! Oh, boy, watch out, old babies. The NEW baby is the object of K2's affections now!

Posing with baby on the steps. So much love for her little ones.
See the baby??? Watch this!
Into the sink she goes- for a bath!! And a snack (as she pretends to pour milk into a bowl and sticks the bowl into babies face!)
All done! Just fine!
Last night, Kyla was pushing her new baby around in the stroller, talking to her and asking her questions none of us could decipher ("Kyla talk"). I told Kyla it was time for her bath. She took baby out of her stroller and climbed up stairs, so I let her take baby into the tub.
She pretended to wash her baby, all on her own, with a washcloth, and poor baby had her face under the water for quite some time (eek). After the bath, we wrapped baby in a towel, similar to Kyla, and as I clipped Kyla's toe nails, she held out her baby's foot , saying "toes, cut, toes, cut". So I clipped baby toes as well. Then, she brushed her baby's teeth, just like she brushed her own!
It still amazes me how much our little ones pick up and how their mothering to little wee ones is just as warm and loving as ours is to them. Kyla had my heart fluttering with her little mothering, and watching her take care of her baby was so sweet *sigh*.

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