Friday, March 11, 2011

Tubby bubbles

Nothing better than tubby time with your sister (big or little). K1's new favorite tub activity is blowing bubbles with straws, which also has the added benefit of working on her core muscles -which, in turn, leads to a calmer state all around. I'm all for calming my girl down, especially when it gets her clean at the same time. Kyla is loving the new company in the tub.

And the cutest thing ever is whenever I say "bath?",Kyla will jet over to climb upstairs, go into the bathroom, saying "bath, bath" and now will open up the drawer that holds her ear plugs and says to me "pugs, pugs". She's one damn smart girl!

1 comment:

Jeni said...

What a sweet little goofy face in that last picture! She looks like Keifer :)


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