Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Keifer Says: Pics and recaps

Watch out, people, here come Keifer Lynn, raring to go in this life. Lover of all music and instruments, Glee (especially the Christmas album. Still), and her sister.
Here are some phrases/things that Keifer has amused us with over the past few months. Yes, I keep a scrap of paper around to take notes on what she says to share on my blog in the future!

~~While listening to the character Annie sing (in the movie Annie), "Mom, Annie is a REAL good singer". And yes, the REAL is said really dramatically. With big eyes. And a serious look.

~~While singing along to her Ipod in the back seat, this time with Laurie Berkner: "Mom, I sound JUST LIKE Laurie when I sing!"

~~Right now, Keifer and my favorite song aka OUR SONG is "Just the Way you Are" by Bruno Mars. The minute she hears the instrumental opening chords, she perks up and gets excited. It also helps that we have a version of it on our Ipods as sung on Glee(of course), as well as her other semi-favorite, "Hey, Soul Sister" (which she loves to sing with a microphone at home).
The below picture is of Keifer and her friend Mazzy - we've done Baby Ballroom with "Maz" as Keifer calls her since infancy. The girls now go to Elaine's (Daycare) together as well. Over Christmas, we were lucky enough to watch Maz for part of the day when we were on vacation and Maz's mom needed to get some work done.

However, it wasn't such a fond friendship one day last month when Keifer decided she wanted something Mazzy had while at daycare. So she spit at Mazzy. And was very matter of fact about the spitting when questioned about it; very nonchalant. That's our girl. Getting angry and taking action (with her spit!).
~~When we were going to the grocery store one Sunday afternoon, and had spent yet another day in our jammies (because we roll like that at our house) I told K1 she could wear her jammie shirt to Cub.
She raced to CJ, to tell him all excited, "Daddy! Daddy! I 've got some GREAT NEWS! I get to wear my jammie shirt to Cub!"
Don't YOU get excited when YOU get to wear jammies somewhere?
At the Children's Museum - proud as punch about her face that she painted all by herself!
~~When going to the bathroom (#2) one night, she was pushing and grunting and making lots of dramatic measures to void her bottom. She told me, "I have to go poop, but my butt just won't let it OUT!"

~~ It was both Papas and Nanas Wedding Anniversaries the past few months. Keifer made one of the sets of them a homemade Anniversary card. In the card, she wrote "I want to marry you". Driving home, she informed me that she did indeed not only want to marry them, but also Mom and Daddy, too.
Last night at dinner, I was informing K1 that her great friend Hayden not only moved away during the past few weeks from our neighborhood, but he is unable to make it to her upcoming birthday party.
She looked very sad, but quickly said, "that's OK, because I'm going to marry Hayden, because he's a boy and I'm a girl!" OH? And where the heck did THIS come from?
Apparently wedding plans are being made as I write, that I am completely unaware of.

Performing in her informal pre-Christmas dance recital. She was nervous, and all overwhelmed that the family (and other families) were there (I think).
Cousin Abby pre-show. Keifer thinks the moon and sun rise and set on Abby.
~~ On Christmas Day, when we were driving to Cousin Abby's house for prime rib dinner, Keifer was mad. She wanted Chinese food (the noodles!) and was NOT happy about the prime rib that Uncle slaved over for us.
If K1 could choose, she would pick Chinese food and Teresa's out for meals every day of the week. She is JUST like Mama in that aspect.
~~She also was very curious about when Jesus was going to come and visit us - "Mom, when is Jesus going to come to our house?"
My beautiful child.
~~One of her favorite things to do is look at pictures and video clips of herself with her friends. In Keifer's world, friends are the best thing ever, well, besides her family. She is always telling CJ and I out of the blue that she loves us. Which makes both of us melt with love even more. And I try to remember that when she is being VERY sassy (more often than not lately) and using her little pre-teen "AH" on the end of all her words, especially the word "no".
Example? "No-AH".
Used in a sentence: Grumbling. "No-AH, Mom, I don't WANT to do that" *insert evil eyes*
Just how old is she?

~~And although my girl is full of sass and spice, she is also full of sugar, too. When looking at pictures of a group of her girlfriends in one picture, all together, she gasped audibly and said, "Wow, I got a lot of gorgeous friends! And my sweet little Kyla!".
Tell me that doesn't make you want to wrap her up and take her home? LOL

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