Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Teaching each other?

You want to see something super heart-warming? Here is my big "little" girl - as she calls herself these days ("Mama, I'm a big little girl"), teaching her little sissy how to do sign language.

Keifer is really into learning the correct signs for all the letters of the alphabet and really loves when the sign language teacher comes to daycare one time a month. She's always been good at the basic signs, having learned (and loved) them by watching the Signing Time videos (with Alex and Leah!). It's so fun to have her ask me in the middle of something what letter she is making with her fingers, or how to correctly make a letter in her name.

We found a fun program on the Starfall website, where Keifer also enjoys learning the letters and finding the trash and recycling for the garbage cans. What an awesome picture I think this is! I love the look on Kyla's face, as she is trying her hardest to be JUST LIKE SISSY!

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