Sunday, March 06, 2011

Pah-tee, Pah-tee

Potty, Potty.
Whenever K2 has a poopie in her diaper, she tells us "potty, potty" in her little Kyla language,and runs to the stairs to climb up to the bathroom! Only 21 months and off she's going.
The girl KNOWS when she goes, but catching her beforehand has been a trick. Ahh, my little baby girl is watching and taking in all the information she sees on a daily basis, and putting it somewhat to use! She will put the potty ring on the toilet all by herself (no helping this one!), and after she sits for a minute, she insists on taking toilet paper (by herself!) and "wiping" -aka throwing it into the potty, either in front or back.

We'll see how long the training lasts, but I'm so proud of my little K2!

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