Thursday, January 06, 2011

Too technologically advanced too early (and why my girl beats me at exercising)

Keifer has taken a huge interest in using the computer to watch all her movies (CJ uploads them all to our computer). Lately, she's also been taking a huge interest in turning on Jillian's 30 Day Shred, which she has done side-by-side with me on more than one occasion. Its' quite fun to watch her attempt jumping jacks, and huff and puff her way through the exercises. I will give the girl some credit- she works hard and her push ups are pretty good "girl" push ups!
So a month ago, one night, waiting for daddy to come home, the girls were watching Abby in Wonderland, and K1 switched it to *yes* Jillian.
"C'mon, Mommy, let's do Jillian" she said to me.
And proceeded to drop to the floor, and do her push ups next to the chair where they were sitting. Kyla didn't think much of it, but I thought it was pretty darn funny!

And on the humiliating end of this, Keifer turned Jillian back on on New Years Eve and did about the first 10 minutes, telling me she was exercising to "Get healthy". Great idea, K1! I should've been doing that instead of sitting on the couch WATCHING you!

Yes. I am going to get back on the work out train and fast. I had a back problem- unsure of what exactly happened, but my right low back and right hip (psoas muscle?) were causing me a LOT of grief for a few months which put the kabosh on any attempts at exercise. Then, when it was finally getting better around Christmas time, I did something to my neck and have been having migraines or intense, nasty headaches along with an "out" neck for weeks.

I think I"m finally on the mend, but now I literally have to start from scratch on my exercise regimen. It bums me out, because I was doing really well. And knowing that the gym will be SO crowded in the cold weather (hence, walking 30 miles to the front doors, poo), does NOT appeal to me. But I WILL do it and continue to encourage and teach my girls about having a healthy lifestyle!

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