Saturday, January 29, 2011

Papa/Nana Lovin'

A few weeks ago, Daddy left town with Uncle for a boys weekend out. So that left me and the girls and the fur kids at home. So of course, I called up Papa and Nana to come and help out with the girls! Of course!
I'll admit, I'm not too ashamed to ask for help when my partner is out of town! Lord knows it's tough enough to parent Keifer when there are 2 of us at home, let alone 1 of us being gone until Sunday night!

As you can see, Keifer was THRILLED with that idea! Before we even got home Friday, she was squealing in the back seat, "Mama, I so 'cited to see Papa and Nana!"
We spent the weekend eating and playing games and dancing and reading. We visited Nana and Keifer's favorite restaurant, The Cracker Barrel, for lunch on Saturday. Keifer took a nap with Papa. Nana napped. Kyla napped. Mama caught up on Modern Family.
After naps on Saturday, we packed up and hit the mall to let out a little steam!
We played in the video arcade, ran around the germ-filled kids playland (of plastic, climbable cars), and Kyla exercised her little legs running away from Papa.
We ate dinner at the food court, and then Nana treated us to some ice cream treats! Keifer picked out the Rainbow something or other- which was flavored as "fruit punch". I personally thought it was pretty disgusting, but she enjoyed it.
It was a super fun weekend and we were all sad to say goodbye to Papa and Nana (*sniff*). Even Kyla stood at the top of the stairs and told them "No, no" as they were leaving.
Until next time!

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