Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a Princess Dance Party, U.S.A

Yes, we have regular dance parties in our house. With 2 girls that love music and love shaking their booties, and a mama that loves to rock out as well, it's inevitable!
I'm so blessed to have 2 girls that enjoy each other so much! The minute one of them gets out a Princess dress up gown to wear, the other one has to have one as well.
I crank up the tunes, and we all dance, until we are falling down laughing. Or, until one of the girls ticks the other one off, and Mama decides enough fun has been had. And yes, we watch out where we are dancing, because often times Treble or Sage wants to get into our dance party, and decides to chew a bone right there in the middle of our dance floor!
It's usually drama filled, as most days and nights are in our house, but it's a load of fun, too. But I will admit, I'm getting a WEE BIT TIRED of listening to the Glee Christmas Album (*ahem, Keifer's favorite of the month*). Oye.
Oh, how I love these 2 angel girls of mine! And how they love each other!

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