Wednesday, December 22, 2010

GNO aka Girls' Night OUT

Because sometimes, Mama needs to CUT LOOSE and let out a little steam, right? In fact, in her opinion, Mama doesn't get out quite ENOUGH with her friends to let out the steam! HA!

Last month, early November, I met up with a group of my fellow MN Mommy message board friends. I've become very close with these lovely ladies, and we decided to do a night away from our mommy-hood lives. We stayed at a local hotel that has a free (YES, FREE) cocktail hour from 5-7PM nightly, as well as a free buffet breakfast in the AM. Aww, what a heavenly time we all had! *and I'm not saying I need to drink to relax, I'm just saying it sure was NICE to take a night away, enjoy a few cocktails, relax, unwind and chat and laugh until my stomach hurt with these fun friends of mine*

The group: Taryn, Missy, Julie, Allison, Danise, Roxy and myself. What a bunch of hot mamas! There are MORE Ladies who belong in this group who couldn't make it. We missed them!

And another picture of most of us- in the room before we made the decision not to drive anywhere, and instead, try the dinner out in the hotel's bar. That turned out to be quite the escapade of horrible service, but it sure did make for some great storytelling!
I think Roxy took this!

I love you, my fellow MN mommies! Until next time: Cheers!

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