Monday, November 29, 2010

More, more, more to say!

Books have been read to talk about. I've seen many awesome movies (and some not so awesome) I want to talk about.
Kyla turned 18 months! Yay! Not only is she 18 months, she is a talker, a walker and a great helper and cleaner-upper! We have her stats and many more pictures to share....and her rate at daycare went down! Yes!
Keifer qualified for Sensory Integration therapy. She is a brilliant child, but she has some "issues" that make her more erratic and unpredictable at times that we don't need her freaking out about. Like, nonstop talking, a hard time with transitions out of the routine, etc. etc. etc. More on this, soon.
We did Thanksgiving up in Grand Forks with CJ's parents and had an amazing 3 full days of family and winter wonderland.
CJ and I celebrated out 7 year anniversary! Seriously: 7 years? Gone in a flash! I can't believe it's already been that long.
I'm loving Glee and Parenthood (best show EVER!), as usual, and Keifer has developed a love for Glee's musical numbers. In fact, I accidentally let her see the season finale from last year, the Quinn birth scene, and she loves to watch "the baby come from her mommy's tummy" (and no, there is no visual of that). She just loves the "Extreme drama" of the scene plus Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody being sung at the same time. Drama/sensory girl! She now wants to be 1) a teacher like Mama and 2) a nurse to help ladies have babies come out of the tummies!
Keifer also told me yesterday that she has a husband, named "Tee dee" or something to that effect.
And she is sleeping in our bed, every night, to our dismay. BUT, it helps her go to sleep and we're dealing with it.
Kyla has fluid in her ears and I"m sure she's on her way to her 8th ear infection. She has an appointment with the ENT on December 30. I'm pretty sure her hearing is not up to par. She seems to hear us, but her speech is "garbled" - there isn't really much articulation to it, it's like she underwater talking. And when I told Keifer to "look in the mirror", Kyla grabbed her EARS (get it? Mirror and EARS?).

More soon -pictures and stories, I have lists of things to tell you all about.......

And we are so excited that Santa is coming!
Keifer wants to tell him she wants a cash register, a guitar and a microphone. Oh, and a cash register for Kyla, too, so she doesn't bug Keifer when she has HER new one. So thoughtful, huh?

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MollyinMinn said...

So cute. Cause really, what family doesn't need two cash registers ;)


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