Sunday, November 21, 2010

Don't get any grass in your hair!

Reading "Daddy is a Doodlebug" to herself before leaving for daycare for the day. Our girl's latest accomplishment is reading out loud to herself many times a day. It is so heartwarming.

Keifer Lynn told me today, while brushing and combing her Barbie's hair, that it was all tangled and full of grass.

I asked her if her Barbie had slept outside and had a camp-out.
"no, she has to sleep outside because she doesn't have a house", she told me and continued combing the tangled hair.
Well, do you think maybe Mom and Dad should be generous and get their girls' a house big enough for their Barbie dolls?
And sweetly enough, Keifer has never requested anything from us for a gift- she doesn't really "get" that you can wish for a present, or ask Santa for one, so her innocent and matter-of-fact delivery to me of Barbie's homelessness was just so cute to me.

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