Thursday, November 04, 2010

Happy Halloween! (recap)

This Halloween, I asked Keifer a month or so in advance what she thought she might want to dress up like.
"A Puppy," she told me without any pause whatsoever. I decided to ask her multiple times throughout the week, just to make sure she didn't change her mind.
Nope, she didn't waver from her decision, so a puppy it was. My worry was that this BIG GIRL would have a hard time fitting into a toddler/small child costume, as she is a bigger girl in clothing, yet only 3 years old. I found a costume at Old Navy that was perfect for her, and luckily, the 5T fit her **whew**.
A friend of mine on my message board had a kitty cat costume from her little girl, and she volunteered to just GIVE ME THE COSTUME- bless her heart! So a new little Pet Shop was created in the Soupy household! Fun!!

Nothing like a dryer ball for the house cat to play with!
I had to sneak this in: look, my baby DOES have hair! At almost 18 months!
Look at what a LONG puppy I have!! A big one!! A 43 pounder!
Every puppy needs a bone to chew on, right?
Kyla ended up staying home instead of venturing out on her first year of potential trick-or-treating. She woke up from her nap that day sobbing, and was clingy and "not" herself for the afternoon. Because the ToTing would surpass her bed time and it was chilly out, we made the executive decision to keep her home for one more year. So we dressed her up, made her do silly poses and then stripped the costume off. She didn't know any different!
This is her, hanging out, wondering why I have that damn camera again!
K1 and I met up with her buddy Hayden, and his parents Josh & Denise. They had a BALL! I had prepped Keifer for a week on the "trick or treat" spiel, which she knew from last year ("go to house, ring doorbell, say 'trick or treat', thank you!, and Happy Halloween!"). It was awesome! My girl was SO sweet - she was so polite and friendly, and even did some puppy panting and shook her little behind (TAIL!) for people unprompted! LOL.
My joy was watching her be so polite, and looking right at people EVERY TIME to wish them a "happy Halloween!". My heart was bursting. We lasted a little over an hour with Hayden and company, and it was so much fun to watch them run from house to house, negotiate WHO would ring the doorbell, and finally, start to slow down.
We even made the trek to a nearby assisted living complex (very close to our house). The elderly people and their staff were tickled that we stopped in, and it was so heartwarming to watch the interactions Keifer had with them. I actually teared up, as the smells and sights reminded me so much of visiting my Grandma Gina and Papa, before they both passed away a few years ago. (sniff).
Towards the end, Keifer started slowing down. She was lagging behind Hayden, who was still pumped to run from house to house, and when she saw that he had already gotten his candy from one house, K1 broke out in a sprint across the driveway, shrieking, "wait, wait! Somebody coming, somebody coming!"
Hayden's parents and I had a good laugh over that one.
I'll ring this doorbell and you ring the next one, OK?
At the end of our night, Keifer could barely lift her pumpkin filled with candy - it was HEAVY! I helped carry it for her, and she informed me that the at the last 3 houses we were about to visit, she was too tired to say "trick or treat" and "thank you" too loudly.
"I have to say it very softly, Mama, because I'm so tired", she told me.
So I walked her to the doors, (we had gone our separate ways from Hayden), and true enough, as the door opened, she said in a BARELY audible whisper, "Trick or treat". LOL. My little drama Queen.
The candy has been a point of much debate this week,as I knew it would be. My girl loves treats, and I rarely allow treats like this in the house.
Last night (well, and yesterday AM), she informed me that she was "SO ANGRY" and that is why she NEEDED to have some of her Halloween candy.
So angry? LOL. Ahhh, Keifer. It's amazing what she comes up with to try and finesse us!


The Dargan Family said...

Your post made me LOL because Bailey tries a similar strategy... "Mommy I'm so sad. I need a treat so I can feel better."

Wendy and Karen said...

Such great Halloween pictures. They both have such fantastic smiles!


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