Thursday, November 04, 2010

Dr. Spider Girl

Mama took out some more bins and found this Spider T-shirt, a hand-me-down from Keifer, for Kyla to wear. AFTER Halloween, of course. Because that's how this mama works.

Let's pose Kyla on the common background: the stairs!
A flash back to Keifer- same age (just about) with lots of hair and the same cute Tshirt!
She did the same thing Kyla did: "See, a spider!"
Man, was she cute!
Kyla decided she liked the floor better to pose- and giggle!
Trying to roll away from Mama
During the Photo shoot, Big sissy decided to get in on the action and model her headband (oh, her and her headbands!) Flashdance, anyone?
Another night, Kyla was dancing with big sissy, when the doctor kit distracted her. She put on the stethoscope all by herself and kept trying to listen to my heart! I was so amused by this!
And I've told you this girl loves to figure out how things work - caps go on and off, click click. She literally sat for about 30 minutes straight, and tried (unsuccessfully) to buckle the belt on this booster chair. It was very interesting to watch her. I was just amazed she didn't get frustrated and tantrum on us!

1 comment:

DaisyGal said...

they are seriously cute and I love how different they are in some ways too...

but in that shirt, both of them are just adorable. :)


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