Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Toes

The only way K1 lets me cut her toenails is if I also paint them for her. I should add,that is 4 of her toes: she doesn't like me to even go NEAR her pinkie toes (for some reason), and I have to cut the other 4 toe nails "very sof-i-ly" (get that? "softly").
I will admit, I will distract her somehow - when she's not squealing in mock pain, and quickly snip that long pinkie toe nail if it's the last thing I get to do! *evil laugh*
No, really.
This past Saturday, K1 picked out the brightest orange color she found in the back of my nail polish collection. What a smart girl! She realized Halloween is coming and how cute her toes would look as mini-pumpkins -why didn't I think of that?
So , I snipped and bartered and eventually got her on the couch, dish towel under her toes, to paint her little piggies. Then, we decided her big toes needed a Jack O'Lantern face on them! Voila! It was done quickly - but our girl was NOT patient enough to NOT touch the one foot- as you can see, foot on the left (which is actually her right foot, if you can see that) ended up looking like a smeary spider vs. a happy pumpkin. The foot on the right is semi-decent; decent enough for a girl who has difficulty not moving while the paint dries!


Wendy and Karen said...

Painted girl toes...cute, cute, cute!!!

DaisyGal said...

I love it...a girl after my own heart. :)

cutie patootie toes!


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