Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Mommy's Friends or Mine?

Like some kids, Keifer has taken an avid interest in "hanging out" (aka chatting and showing off) with my friends or her friend's parents. We do a nightly walk with our puppers around our housing "loop", and on that loop, we pass 1) Hayden's house and 2) Teah and Brinley's house. Hayden is 6 months older than Keifer, and they had a baby 6 months after Kyla was born - another girl, JJ. We've become friendly with Hayden's parents, and it's a nightly part of our routine (God forbid we don't stick to this routine!), to ring Hayden's doorbell if he's not outside, and say "hello" for a few minutes. We also have added saying hello to Teah and Brinley -who are 4 and 2, as well as their older sister, Katelyn (who is 12/13 and babysat for us last weekend). Their mom is a real sweetheart and we've also become friendly, as we also did a few play dates this summer since they are located 3 blocks away.
Keifer has started making cards for Hayden's parents, as well as making cards for her friends at daycare. She loves to talk to the actual adults, vs. the children sometimes, and like a lot of kids, show off what she is wearing or talk about what she did today ("I went to the doctor for my ears"). Last week, during our bi-weekly pedicure (For K1, it's the ONLY WAY she will let me cut her toenails), she was insistent that when her toes dried, she get to go and show Denise, Hayden's mom, because she knew she would just LOVE her toes that color. Imagine her disappointment the next afternoon when we went to visit Hayden and company and Denise was out of town!
But that was OK. Because Brandt at daycare? He has a really cool mom that Keifer knows, and she likes to tell HER all about things as well. So she decided she would take her socks off to show HER the painted toes.
Yesterday was Brandt's mom's birthday, and when I arrived at daycare to pick the girls up, I noticed some homemade cards on the table for some moms. I noticed one that said "I love you, Charisse", and inside, it had been signed by Keifer. It warmed my heart to know she cared enough to join in and make a card for her mommy friend.
This summer, when we visited the Splash Park one day, Keifer was brave enough to go alone down to the front of the action, and sit next to my friend Missy, and she said to her "hi, friend". It warms my heart to know that she is comfortable enough to talk to adults other than her parents, and that she feels safe enough to do so. I also know that if she didn't know the adults, she would be too shy to talk to them, and so I don't have any "stranger danger" fears about her doing so.

What a poser!

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