Sunday, September 12, 2010

Play dates (aka Boys boys boys)

My oh my, did we have a fun summer! We had plenty of play dates, and mommy only forgot her camera a couple times. Here are a couple of highlights from the fun times we had with our friends.

We met up with Courtney at the Splash Park and this summer, they had live music on Thursdays at noon! We only made it 2 times to the live music, but Keifer really enjoyed shaking her booty AND being able to splash around in the cool fountains. The second time we went (no pics) she really was brave and 1) went and sat near my friend Missy (in a crowd of MANY) with out me, said, "hi, Friend" , and then 2) went up close and personal w/the lead singer and jiggied with her. It was so fun! We also enjoyed playing with my co-worker Carissa and her 2 girls there as well (we actually introduced her to this fun park!)

Here is Courtney, Aidan, baby Aubrey and Kyla chowing some lunch

Splashing around and having fun in the hot sun
Live music: this time was the Okee Dokee brothers. Super fun guys!
Beauty girl
Kyla getting to know Aidan a little better!
Mama and Kyla pre-walking, but not wanting to sit down!
Keifer playing hard to get with Aidan!

And on the a zoo play date with our neighbors, Denise and her son Hayden (same age as Keifer) and Johanna (5 months younger than Kyla).
We've done many play dates with these guys, and Keifer adore Hayden. He's the first friend we look for when we get home and take the puppies for a "spin" around the block.

Entering the zoo in the wagon!
Meanwhile, Kyla & JJ enjoy the double stroller!
The Sea Dragons that the Zoo has that is my favorite thing to visit each time! They are AMAZING! My pictures don't do these little dragons justice
In the butterfly garden!
Just friends, strolling along....


Wendy and Karen said...

That picture of her leaning against the fountain makes her look so grown up!

Laura said...

Wow, fun playdates! Music at the splashpad? Awesome.


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