Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who Who WHO is the cutest baby?

So let me share with you the second cutest baby IN THE WORLD (second or tied with Keifer Lynn): Kyla in her owl hat from Gymboree's Owl Sweetie Collection. Yeah, I'm a sucker for cute clothes for my girlies and always looking for sales. Well, back in the beginning of the month, Nana Margie came shopping with us and bought the girls some much needed new Fall clothes. I was so excited get this this adorable Owl hat for my Kyla girl- she was so stinking cute in it and seemed to really like showing it off. Here she modeled the hat for all of us, complete with the diaper butt and cell phone (she's a busy gal, you know).

Snicker nose

Texting her friends?

Big sister Keifer plays Paparazzi with her darling baby sis
So after this sequence of adorable "owl" pictures were taken, we forgot about the hat. I assumed we hung it up or put it away. Hmmm. Nope. To this day we have NO IDEA where the hell that damn hat went. I literally searched under cushions, behind furniture, under things, through the entire house, and no hat. Remember I told you our girl Kyla likes to throw things away? The only guess that we can make is that our sweet baby MUST have taken her brand new Owl hat and tossed it in the garbage, unbeknownest to us. It was a busy night at our house that night- with Papa & Nana, Auntie, Uncle and cousins all over for dinner. We figure our girl snuck it in the trash and we were so busy, we didn't see it.
I was very upset. Over a stupid HAT, people. Because apparently I have nothing else to worry about (sarcasm).
Luckily, I have some great sister friends on my message board, in fact, they are located all over the country. When I couldn't find the hat anywhere in the region I live, it wasn't online (til now, of course) and my mom couldn't find it, I got upset. So dear Emma, near Pittsburgh, managed to find the hat, get it ON SALE (thatta girl) and ship it to me.
We are now in possession of the adorable Owl hat. Again.
Problem solve. And mama feels GOOD that her little sweetie has a darling hat to wear when the weather is cold that she LOVES :)


Tara said...

If you ever have another Gymboree emergency, hit me. I work there :)

DaisyGal said...

oh wow....if I knew I def would have looked for you...

so glad you have that hat again. I love those pictures, her smile seriously makes my day.

love all three of you. :)


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