Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bottles, balls and coins

Kyla's latest "obsession", if you will, is toddling around clutching some sort of bottle or bottle shaped toy in her hands. She gets absolutely livid if you try to remove a bottle that she has managed to get into her clutches, and we take bottles everywhere with us - church, the bath, in the car, shopping. By bottles, I mean travel size shampoo bottles, hair product bottles (especially my $$$ shiny blue hair serum, oye), bottles of mousse,and her favorite, plastic toy mini-bottles that look like glass coke bottles. Ahh, our girl loves them. She also enjoys trying to throw things into the garbage, retrieving OUR garbage for us, such as a used tissue, and leaving trails of her toys around the house. For example, I found her sock in the dollhouse, one I had searched for awhile for, as it was missing it's twin. Then, while preparing dinner, I found the 2 missing coins to her Fisher Price piggy bank in the baking cupboard!
This weekend, her "thing" was turning from bottles to BALLS. She had managed to figure out how to throw and somehow "kick" a ball on the ground - which was like her walking/shuffling and her foot connecting with the ball enough to give it momentum to spin ahead of her. Oh, how she loved chasing her ball around the yard and the street in front of our house. She loved it so much, she sobbed, "Ball ball ball" when we cleaned her up and took her in to eat. Then, last night, before she fell asleep, she looked at me, and clearly said "Ball!". She was processing her day, and what a fun day she had, with lots of ball play. My sweet baby.

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